Why our customers think that data analytics is worth investing in

Customized analytical solutions we design and implement allow our customers to achieve up to:

20 %

Revenue increase

80 %

Reduction of operational costs

25 %

Reduction of churn rate

60 %

Faster data analysis and reporting

About us

Our Focus Is On Data

Aequicens solves your data challenges.

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Customer Experience


If you could consolidate all your data into one place, already sorted and ready to speak to you!

Data Science Consulting
Data Analytics Consulting
Data Management Consulting
Big Data Services

What We Do

Data for all your people

We collect and structure your data, centralize it in a way to make it available for any type of purpose.

A new breed of AI

Once we've structured all the needed data we can then apply customized algorithms to extract useful information and store them.

Business Intelligence

We convert data into knowledge and facilitate your decision-making process by ensuring fast access to aggregated business data.

our Services

We Provide Useful Services


Data Management Consulting

We collect and integrate your customer data from multiple sources to help you meet your business needs. We help you structure your data


Data Science as a Service

We help turn data into intelligence that offers relevant insights across marketing, consumers, operations and supply chain management.


Data Analytics

Our data scientists help clients make the right sense of data while tracking the effectiveness of their processes and strategies, and measuring performances.


Predictive Modeling

We use data to predict various scenarios and enable you to make the right decisions for the benefit of your business.


Innovation Services

We turn data into business opportunities for you by delivering advanced data analytics solutions.


Artificial Intelligence

We develop and introduce the right tools to cover all your data processing and analytics needs. Such as machine learning.


Our Process


Collect Accurate Data

We transform tons of complex data into comprehensible information in intuitive and structured ways to provide you with full transparency.

  • Collect Data
  • Clean Data
  • Structure Data
  • Store Data
  • Data Health Check

Identify Trends

We use algorithms, statistical analysis, and linguistic techniques to discern meaningful ways to understand your business, and take action.

  • Make complex things simple
  • Deliver a customer-first service
  • Make better business decision based on data and analytics
  • Enhance organizational performance


We'll work together to develop a customized plan with the training and/or consulting strategies that meets your business needs.

  • We Analyze your Data Needs
  • Develop a Customized Plan
  • Implement your Solution

Goals & Hypotheses

We work together to develop a strategy and roadmap for deploying a customized solution in support of your specific goals and deploy customized applications and dashboards so that you can make better and more profitable decisions.

  • Classify key issues
  • Focus on outcomes
  • Apply Machine Learning

Take Action

Stay Ahead of the Competition.
We offer top-notch consulting led by our team of industry experts. Stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the latest technology applications.