Artificial intelligence and machine learning research lab

We connect the dots

Machine Learning

Fast and reliable insights delivered from your data without human intervention​

Artificial Intelligence

Embed A.I. in all business

Data Mining

We offer end to end data processing from raw data collection to actionable insights, saving you time.

Data Science

Find patterns in data and extract relevant insights, using statistical and predictive methods.

We lead you to deliver innovation in your company

1. Project Assessment
2. Team Brief
3. Scope
4. Prototype

Your data and expertise is all you need,
aequicens will handle the rest.

Outsharing at its best

Agile Team
Best practices / Bespoke support
We give you that "Extra Mile"

We aim to deliver more than just coding hours

Deep Tech

Results accuracy / Products innovation
Solutions / Tailored Products
We develop high-end tech only

We deliver value

Monitoring your industry

Discovery / Q&A

It's our job to understand, not only develop, what you need​

Our clients

Driving technology for leading brands

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