About behind the scenes at aequicens, ABOUT

We Are Aequicens

Our DNA and our vision is reflected in our name. We have combined and mashed up three Latin words to create our name and brand


Data science lovers

We are a group of dedicated developers, data scientists, traders and innovation enthusiasts that firmly believe in the changes that A.I. and ML is bringing to the world. We are convinced that using cross-business expertise is a must-have for a team to build the best A.I-based products

Our mission is to empower our customers who want to upgrade their company technology while promoting the sustainable development of artificial intelligence

About behind the scenes at aequicens, ABOUT

Shady Razek - CEO & Founder

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The Faces Behind our Success

We Couldn’t Do It Without Them

Ezra Finkelstein

Head of Development - Data Scientist

Chris Stine

Data Mining Engineer

Levy Operman

Data Scientist

Reginald Bien-Aimé


Rafal Maliszewski

Product Intelligence

Lea Vincent

Junior Executive

We stop at nothing

Our target is to become a reference in serving companies by helping them unlock the inherent value of their business providing the finest A.I. Powered innovation while participating in the establishment of a mature, sustainable and resilient market.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We Keep It Simple

our values. Our philosophy.

We Believe In using a.i. when it's useful not just impressive!

Aequicens takes a scientific approach to artificial intelligence-based analytics. We rigorously test our solutions before making them available.

We build new intelligence and support your business through the innovation circle. We also rely on thinking outside the box to find new ways to build our models.

We are a knowledge company, we sell understanding

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About behind the scenes at aequicens, ABOUT
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